Accurate and concise meaning of Quartering


Accurate and concise meaning of Quartering found by Koklee

Quartering (p. pr. & vb. n.) : of Quartter

Quartering (a.) : Coming from a point well abaft the beam, but not directly astern; -- said of waves or any moving object.

Quartering (a.) : At right angles, as the cranks of a locomotive, which are in planes forming a right angle with each other.

Quartering (n.) : A station.

Quartering (n.) : Assignment of quarters for soldiers; quarters.

Quartering (n.) : The division of a shield containing different coats of arms into four or more compartments.

Quartering (n.) : One of the different coats of arms arranged upon an escutcheon, denoting the descent of the bearer.

Quartering (n.) : A series of quarters, or small upright posts. See Quarter, n., 1 (m) (Arch.)

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