Accurate and concise meaning of Gag


Accurate and concise meaning of Gag found by Koklee

Gag (v. t.) : To stop the mouth of, by thrusting sometimes in, so as to hinder speaking; hence, to silence by authority or by violence; not to allow freedom of speech to.

Gag (v. t.) : To pry or hold open by means of a gag.

Gag (v. t.) : To cause to heave with nausea.

Gag (v. i.) : To heave with nausea; to retch.

Gag (v. i.) : To introduce gags or interpolations. See Gag, n., 3.

Gag (n.) : Something thrust into the mouth or throat to hinder speaking.

Gag (n.) : A mouthful that makes one retch; a choking bit; as, a gag of mutton fat.

Gag (n.) : A speech or phrase interpolated offhand by an actor on the stage in his part as written, usually consisting of some seasonable or local allusion.

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