Accurate and concise meaning of Froth


Accurate and concise meaning of Froth found by Koklee

Froth (n.) : The bubbles caused in fluids or liquors by fermentation or agitation; spume; foam; esp., a spume of saliva caused by disease or nervous excitement.

Froth (n.) : Any empty, senseless show of wit or eloquence; rhetoric without thought.

Froth (n.) : Light, unsubstantial matter.

Froth (v. t.) : To cause to foam.

Froth (v. t.) : To spit, vent, or eject, as froth.

Froth (v. t.) : To cover with froth; as, a horse froths his chain.

Froth (v. i.) : To throw up or out spume, foam, or bubbles; to foam; as beer froths; a horse froths.

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